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Training Centres:
Newark, Notts.

Administration office:
High Park Farm
Swinderby Road
Nr. Newark
Notts NG23 7NZ.

Fast-Track your way to success - Bespoke Courses for Individuals

First Alternative offer a truly unique service - a training programme designed and delivered for individuals.
Many computing professionals have a need for this type of service
It's often the case that you need to learn a new skill and perhaps become a certified practitioner.

You already have a degree of understanding, and perhaps practical experience, of your required skill, such as Enterprise Linux.

You don't feel that you should have to sit through a whole series of courses to reach a goal, when you know that some of the material will already be familiar to you, but what choice to you have?

Read on.....


The Unbelieveably Flexible First Alternative...
We'll design and run a course just for you, based at our Newark centre. We'll provide full course notes, and the use of as many computer systems as needed, both physical and VMWare based VM's - your choice.
We'll discuss course content with you, then provide you with a detailed course description for your agreement, which will include an estimate of duration based upon daily 9-5 hours. Anything from one day upwards.
How much does this cost?

The Unbelieveably Cost-Effective First Alternative...
Each day is £450 "Time dedicated to you" to coin a phrase.
1 day minimum, lunch and refreshments provided. You have to pay for travel and any hotel costs involved.
Ollie is very experienced with RedHat 5 and 6, and certified, but has a new contract coming up which needs version 7 skills. He has some experience from using it at home. 2 days with us and he'll be familiar with all the major changes and new features..

Gary from the Canary Islands has lots of Solaris skills but his organisation is getting into RedHat Linux in a big way. A week with us gives him advanced RedHat/Centos EL7 skills, with plenty of practical sessions during the week to bolster his confidence, and allowing him to get straight into Linux mainstream activities back at work.

The Uniquely Supportive First Alternative...
Our training support does not finish when the course does. We offer real support as you implement what you have learned. We have informal post-course help to answer delegates' questions. From our Web Site, you can download information used on your course so that you can practice back at the office on non-live data. If what you need to know is not on the curriculum we make sure you won't go cuckoo if you've got a problem. The site also contains a number of useful technical tips.

Click here to make an enquiry, or telephone us on +44(0)7736 475838
Email: sales@firstalt.co.uk

Mick Hosegood, First Alternative.

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