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Training Centres:
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Solaris 10, Solaris 11 and Linux Courseware now available

First Alternative now offer our comprehensive Solaris and Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Oracle,etc.) courseware
for self-study and 3rd-party training courses.
The courses are available both as electronic and printed course books, and can be customised / branded at no extra cost.
Several of our titles are now available on Amazon, including Podman, RHEL8/CentOS8 New Features
for Administrators
, and our legacy Solaris 10 and 11 courses.


All our Solaris and Linux course materials are now available for purchase:
Enterprise Linux course notes are currently at RedHat/CentOS/OL 8.3 level.
Solaris 11 notes are currently at 11.3 level, apart from the Solaris 11 Update, which is at release 11.2.
Solaris 10 notes are at the Solaris 10 Update 11 level.

Solaris 11 Systems Administration(5 days)
Solaris 11 Advanced Systems Administration(5 days)
Solaris 10 Network Administration  (5 days)
Solaris 10 for Experienced Solaris Administrators (4 days)

Solaris Live Upgrade Workshop (1 day)
Linux 8 RHCSA Rapid Track Systems Administration (RedHat, CentOS, etc) (5 days)
Enterprise Linux 8 RHCSA Administration Part 1 (RedHat, CentOS, etc) (5 days)
Enterprise Linux 8 RHCSA Administration Part 2 (RedHat, CentOS, etc) (5 days)
Enterprise Linux 7 RHCE Administration Part 3 (RedHat, CentOS, etc) (5 days)
Enterprise Linux 7 New Features for Administrators (RedHat, CentOS, etc) (3 days)

Courseware available from Amazon:
Enterprise Linux 8 New Features for Administrators (RedHat, CentOS, etc) (3 days)
Podman for RHCSA and Beyond (1 day)
Transition to Solaris 11.2 (Solaris 11.2 Update) 4 days
Solaris 10 Systems Administration Part 1 (5 days)
Solaris 10 Systems Administration Part 2 (5 days)
Oracle VM server for SPARC (Solaris Logical Domains) (1 day)
Introduction to Ansible (1 day)

We are more than happy to answer questions about the courseware content and give advice about running the courses yourself - contact us at enquiries@firstalt.co.uk, or click here.

About our Courseware
All our courseware is witten in-house and contains many detailed examples, plus numerous practical exercises.
We keep up-to-date as new Linux releases appear, unlike most of the Administration books available in the market.
We cover the use of Solaris on both SPARC and Intel platforms, and Linux Enterprise distributions such as RedHat, CentOS, Oracle Linux (OL).

See here for technical tips area, for both Solaris and Linux.

Click here to make an enquiry, or telephone us on +44(0)7736 475838
Email: enquiries@firstalt.co.uk

Mick Hosegood, Partner, First Alternative

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