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How can I get my Solaris 11 system to respond to two different IP addresses on the same interface?

  1. Each device on an IP based ethernet should have a name. Since your workstation is going to be (in effect) TWO devices, you need to choose a second name. That second name needs to be added to the file /etc/hosts on the system, AND to the database on any name service systems that will include it in their domain, for example DNS. Example. If you have a system known as "herring" which responds to the IP address, and you also want it to respond to as "jupiter", the you will ensure that you have both the following lines in /etc/hosts (and/or DNS): herring jupiter

  2. You now need to choose which ethernet interface the second address will be used on.
    • If it will be used on the SAME interface that you already use (for "herring") in our example, then you run the ipadm command to bring the second name into use, as follows:
        ipadm create-addr -T static -a net0/v416
        (in this example, the default interface has the name "net0")
    At this point your system is responding to the second IP address, and this configuration will persist across a reboot.

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