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Training Centre:
Newark, Notts.

Administration office:
High Park Farm
Swinderby Road
Nr. Newark
Notts NG23 7NZ.

First Alternative Courseware Samples

These PDF files contain a few pages each of some our course notes. They are selected at random, but allow you to see the type of material you will be given when attending our courses.


Linux Introduction
(Redirection, pipes and wild cards)

Linux Utilities and Shell Programming
(Compression utilities)

RHCSA Fast Track for Linux Enterprise 7
(NetworkManager CLI tools nmtui and nmcli)

Linux Enterprise 7 New Features
(FreeIPA and kerberised logins)

Podman and Buildah containers in RHEL8
(Running containers with podman, as systemd services)

RHEL8/CentOS 8 New Features for Administrators
(CentOS 8 yum repository setup, and yum modules in all release 8 varieties)

RHEL8/CentOS 8 New Features for Administrators, part 2
(Ansible controller and client setup, basic inventories, ad-hoc commands, ansible module examples )

More Sup ive

 First Alternative - Technical queries answered
Click on the links below to find answers to common questions, or examples of system configuration.

How can I pull and run a container in RHEL8/CentOS8/OL8?


How can I create a container image in RedHat/CentOS/Oracle Linux 8?


How can I scan a podman image or container for the latest RHSA compliance?


How can I manually edit /etc/resolv.conf and prevent NetworkManager from overwriting it?


How can I create a systemd mount unit in Oracle/RedHat/CentOS Enterprise Linux 7?


How can I create a local yum repository in RedHat/CentOS Enterprise Linux 7 and 8?


The following are left here just for old times sake....

How do I set up a ZFS Storage Pool in Solaris 10?


Video: How do I set up and configure a Kernel Zone in Solaris 11 (Part 1 - Configure and Install)?
(These are videos recorded in collaboration with Skillbuilders Inc.)


Video: How do I set up and configure a Kernel zone in Solaris 11 (Part 2 - Configure resources)?


Video: How do I set up and configure a kernel zone in Solaris 11 (Part 3 - using Alternate storage)?


How do I get my workstation to respond to TWO different IP addresses on the same interface in Solaris 11?


How do I create a mirrored system disk in a Solaris 10 Jumpstart profile?


How do I create a network device aggregation in Solaris 10 and Solaris 11 with dladm?


How do I create an RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) Rights profile in Solaris 11?


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